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Monday, January 4

human being

So have you ever heard Charles Darwin theory? He says that human are evolves from ape look-like creatures. i couldnt agree with that because. God makes human so perfect. different from the other creatures. we are the only one that have brain and capability to think. angle dont, devil dont, animal dont, ape absolutely dont. so Are we the same as the animal that have been mentioned?

A definition of humanity seems easy to think of yet difficult to propose, and there have been disputes about it among different schools of thought. Most pioneers in social thought and leaders of movements claim that the main feature of their activities is their humanism and humanitarian efforts. To avoid having misconceptions about humanity or sinking in the whirlpool of literal interpretations and logical disputes, we need to first focus on the reality of the human being and his different aspects, and then discuss the derived infinitive word formhumanity, its meaning, virtues, and functions.
First, human beings are objective beings who are different from other objective beings with respect to freedom of choice, meaning that their actions and behaviours are a result of their reasoning and will, albeit relatively.
Second, human beings are to a large extent affected by their surroundings, that is, the physical environment and other beings.
Third, human beings are social beings who naturally interact with other human beings.
Fourth, human beings are created by God, the Creator of the universe. This relation with God has different dimensions which affect them as persons and all of their relationships.
These four features are like four chapters of the book of humanity. Thus, human values are those basic elements in the nature of human beings which are to be developed by his own efforts. This development is an evolutionary movement in which no part of the human existence harms the others and none of these elements should stop the movement of the human being towards a better state.
These are the outlines for his comprehensive perfection which originate from his very nature. Man’s God-given nature and colour are like seeds and potentials which are hidden in him at the beginning of creation and will flourish when man follows the right path.